Ken Hitchcock retires

Ken Hitchcock was a coach who shared his vast knowledge of the game of hockey, far beyond the routine of normal head coach media availabilities. In doing so, he taught many of us at the Professional Hockey Writers Association nuances, tenets and characteristics of the game that we may never have had access to.

We learned more, so our readers learned more.

When you clicked on your recorder to ask ‘Hitch’ about a player, a situation, or often something going on a Conference away, he rewarded you with wisdom and humour, and a conversation that made your article better — every single time. And although it was always us asking the questions and him answering, Hitchcock never made you feel that he knew more about hockey than you, even though that was clearly the case.

We at the PHWA extend our gratitude and well wishes as Ken Hitchcock announces his retirement from coaching. The game will go on without you Hitch, but the press conferences won’t be as much fun.

– PHWA President Mark Spector

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