Inside stories on hockey, life and love for the game

McKenzie presents enjoyable variety in “Hockey Confidential”

When Bob McKenzie set out to write his second book he had one main focus: a series of stories for the hardcore hockey fan, but on subjects such as family and life that transcend the game itself.

In “Hockey Confidential: Inside Stories From People Inside the Game,” he met that goal.

In “Hockey Confidential,” McKenzie presents 11 stories about various figures around the game. There are recognizable names from the rising star in Connor McDavid, the Subban family with a trio of NHL talent, the elite goal-scorer John Tavares and the notable Don Cherry. But there are also stories about people behind the scenes from the creators of fancy stats (or #fancystats as McKenzie refers to them) and Mark Lindsay, a man with magic, healing hands. While these subjects represent a portion of McKenzie’s subject matter, their stories all speak about hockey and life beyond the game.

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Stevens pens fun, personal fantasy memoir

The PHWA lifetime member shares love for music, personal experience in latest novel

When Neil Stevens sat down to write a novel he had two goals: to write something for his grandchildren and to simply have some fun.

From the beginning, it’s clear Stevens had his fun. Described as a “fantasy memoir,” Stevens melds real life experience, fact and fiction in “Eddie’s Top 100.” Loosely based on Stevens’ own life, Eddie is a retired sportswriter who hits the jackpot, winning a $50 million dollar lottery. Rather than go crazy with the money, Eddie pays off some family debt, updates a few things in his home and then decides to leave the money alone for an entire year. During that year, he dedicates himself to creating a list of his top 100 favorite songs. Naturally, hijinks unfold along the way.

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