An appreciation of Kevin Allen

Elmer Ferguson Memorial Award recipient and former Professional Hockey Writers Association (PHWA) president Kevin Allen announced on Thursday he is leaving USA Today after 34 years with that outlet.

During his time with USA Today, Allen covered 33 Stanley Cup Finals, 10 Olympic Games and many of the sport’s seminal moments such as Mario Lemieux’s return from retirement, Wayne Gretzky’s retirement, the debuts of Sidney Crosby, Connor McDavid and Alex Ovechkin as well as the “Easter Epic” between the New York Islanders and Washington Capitals.

“For more than three decades, Kevin Allen has been the voice and conscience of hockey in America,” said PHWA president Frank Seravalli. “He is a titan in hockey media, as connected and well-respected as any reporter in the history of the game. But what stands out about Kevin, in addition to his unparalleled run of service to the PHWA as president, is his resolve to continue covering the NHL at the same high level over the last number of years as his other duties multiplied at USA TODAY. He was just thrilled to be at the rink when he could.

“Congratulations, Kevin, on 34 tremendous years. Hockey fans everywhere are thrilled to know you’re free to pursue your true passion again. We all can’t wait to read what’s next.”

A native of Wayne, Mich. Allen was selected for the Elmer Ferguson Memorial Award in 2014 by the PHWA and recognized as a media honouree by the Hockey Hall of Fame.

Additionally, Allen was selected for the Lester Patrick Trophy in 2013 by the National Hockey League and USA Hockey for outstanding service to hockey in the United States.

(Photo courtesy USA Today)

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