NHL awards ballots from PHWA members

LAS VEGAS — The Professional Hockey Writers Association has been proud to select the winners of six major NHL Awards as well as the end-of-season All-Star and All-Rookie teams since 1967.

For the last 49 seasons, those Awards have been determined by secret ballot.

For the first time, PHWA members voted overwhelmingly in March to join their brethren covering other major professional sports to reveal the ballot of each individual voter in the interest of full transparency.

Ballots were distributed to 152 of the PHWA’s 300-plus members, plus an invited panel of 16 national broadcasters, for a total voting bloc of 168.

Each individual vote can be viewed at the links below:

Hart Trophy http://bit.ly/phwa_hart18

Norris Trophyhttp://bit.ly/phwa_norris18

Calder Trophyhttp://bit.ly/phwa_calder18

Selke Trophyhttp://bit.ly/phwa_selke18

Lady Byng Trophyhttp://bit.ly/phwa_byng18

Masterton Trophyhttp://bit.ly/phwa_mast18

All-Star Team: Center http://bit.ly/phwa_asc18

All-Star Team: Left Winghttp://bit.ly/phwa_aslw18

All-Star Team: Right Winghttp://bit.ly/phwa_asrw18

All-Star Team: Defensehttp://bit.ly/phwa_asd18

All-Star Team: Goaltender http://bit.ly/phwa_asg18

All-Rookie Team: Forwardhttp://bit.ly/phwa_rookf18

All-Rookie Team: Defensehttp://bit.ly/phwa_rookd18

All-Rookie Team: Goaltenderhttp://bit.ly/phwa_rookg18

Two voters did not submit a ballot: Ron MacLean (HNIC) and Mike Sawatzky.(Winnipeg Free Press).

One voter submitted a ballot after the deadline: Dave Feschuk (Toronto Star).

One voter submitted an ineligible Trophy vote, nullifying his trophy voting: Jeff Hamilton (Winnipeg Free Press).

Twelve voters submitted ineligible All-Star team votes, nullifying their All-Star selections: Kristen Anderson (Calgary Herald), Steve Dryden (TSN), Jesse Granger (Las Vegas Sun), Jeff Hamilton (Winnipeg Free Press), Mike Heika (Dallas Morning News), Pat Hickey (Montreal Gazette), Renaud Lavoie (TVA), Alison Lukan (The Athletic), Joe McDonald (The Athletic), Kevin McGran (Toronto Star), Charlie O’Connor (The Athletic), Adam Vingan (The Tennessean).

Four voters submitted ineligible All-Rookie team votes, nullifying their All-Rookie selections: John Dietz (Arlington Daily Herald), Alison Lukan (The Athletic), Mark Whicker (Orange County Register), Josh Yohe (The Athletic).

The PHWA wishes to congratulate all 2018 NHL Award winners and finalists on their well-deserved honours.​​

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