PHWA mourns those lost in Humboldt

As writers and chroniclers of the game, so many of us took those seats near the front of our local junior or college team’s bus – seated just behind the coaches, but not back with the players. We were blessed to be part of the experience of traveling hockey’s highways, as we all sought to find a lasting place in the game.

The bus was hockey’s safe place. A place where everyone — coach, writer, player, trainer, manager — paid the same dues. We studied there, watched movies there, napped there, and got to know who each other were beyond the role that put us in that seat.

What happened in Saskatchewan Friday has hit us all hard. Every hockey player, coach, parent, volunteer — and everyone here at the Professional Hockey Writers Association — feels a deep connection to the Humboldt Broncos, and families across the Canadian prairies whose kids and loved ones were living their dream on a bus heading for a playoff game in Nipawin.

The PHWA sends our deepest, most heartfelt condolences to everyone touched by this tragedy.

Our Members will be asked to craft pieces today in reference to this terrible incident. We will do so with heavy, heavy hearts.

— PHWA Executive Team

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