PHWA reveals 2024 NHL Awards ballots

LAS VEGAS — Since 1967, the Professional Hockey Writers Association (PHWA) has been counted on to independently vote on six major NHL Awards, as well as end-of-season All-Star and All-Rookie teams.

For the seventh consecutive year, the PHWA has published the ballot of each individual voter in the interest of full transparency.

“The 2023-24 NHL season was one for the record books, where hockey fans were treated to one of the most hotly debated Hart Trophy races in recent memory,” said PHWA President Frank Seravalli. “Once again, the PHWA delivered with an honest and fair voting process that, in the end, recognized extremely deserving winners.

“Our only job is to get it right. We’re incredibly proud of the countless hours our voters put into their ballots – researching, watching at the rink, and gathering opinions from trusted sources to make sure we get it right. With more attention and scrutiny on our ballots than ever before, we’ve also put more time and thought into the process.”

The PHWA voting contingent this season included 175 members and 21 invited international broadcasters.

Out of 196 ballots distributed, two selected voters did not return a ballot in the allotted time: Jenna Ortiz (Arizona Republic) and Danny Webster (Las Vegas Sun). As per PHWA policy, those members have lost future voting privileges.

There were also procedural errors in the voting process that resulted in some ballots being rejected. Kristen Shilton (ESPN), Kevin McGran (Toronto Star), Simon-Olivier Lorange (La Presse), Liam McHugh (TNT), Chip Alexander (Raleigh News & Observer), Corey Masisak (Denver Post) and Lance Lysowski (Buffalo News) did not make the proper number of required selections, resulting in their All-Star team selections being nullified. Joshua Kloke (The Athletic) and Gunnar Nordstrom (Expressen) did not make the proper number of required selections, resulting in their All-Rookie team selections being nullified.

In total, 196 ballots were distributed and of the 194 that were returned, 194 were counted for trophies, 186 were counted for All-Star teams, and 192 were counted for the All-Rookie team.

Each individual vote can be viewed at the links below:

Hart Memorial Trophy

James Norris Memorial Trophy

Calder Memorial Trophy

Frank J. Selke Trophy

Lady Byng Memorial Trophy

Bill Masterton Memorial Trophy

2023-24 All-Star Team: Center

2023-24 All-Star Team: Left Wing

2023-24 All-Star Team: Right Wing

2023-24 All-Star Team: Defense

2023-24 All-Star Team: Goaltender

2023-24 All-Rookie Team: Forward

2023-24 All-Rookie Team: Defense

2023-24 All-Rookie Team: Goaltender

The PHWA wishes to congratulate all 2024 NHL Award winners and finalists on their well-deserved honors.​​